viernes, 26 de julio de 2013

Excoriate Metalgrafia

Stefan Eberlein     Vocals
Patrick "Evil Possessor" Tauch     Guitar
Hellish Crossfire, Venenum
Sebastian Engelhardt     Drums
Voodooshock, ex-Earth Flight, ex-Total Hate, ex-Krieg (live),
ex-Toxic Holocaust (live)
Stefan Kuhr "SM Daemon"     Bass
ex-Anael, ex-Chaos Invocation, ex-Krieg, ex-Repent,
ex-Toxic Holocaust (live), ex-Seeds of Hate
On Pestilent Winds... 2009
T.S.E. existed since early 2001 and turned into Excoriate in early 2002.
The founding members are Stefan, Patrick and Sebastian.
Excoriate broke up in the fall of 2006. Their only album was released posthumously.
Two posthumous gigs take place in 2010 with a session bass player.
1. Voice of Damnation
2. On Pestilent Winds
3. From Morbid Ruins
4. Mayhem (Sepultura Cover)
5. Poisoned by Darkness
6. Bestial Slaughter
7. Demons Rush
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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