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Grave Ritual Metalgrafia

R.E. Vocals, Guitars
J.B. Drums
M.C. Bass
R.S. Guitars
Morbid Throne 2015
01. Baleful Aversion
02. Autonomous Death
03. Adversary Crown
04. Invoker of Heathen Gnosis
05. Tyrant's Hammer
06. Masters and Slaves
07. Lewd Perversities
08. Behind the Reigns of Gods
09. Throne of Continuum
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Euphoric Hymns From The Altar Of Death 2010
01. Intro
02. Beyond Diabolus
03. Sink Into the Grave
04. Abysmal Rotting
05. Drenched in Madness
06. Grotesque Summoning
07. Invoke the Realm of Tormenting Blasphemy
08. Morbid Aura of Desolation
09. Obscurdom
10. Incanted Celestial Devourment
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The 3rd Attempt Metalgrafia

Ødemark Vocals (2014-present) : Midnattsvrede
Tchort Guitars, Bass (2014-present): Green Carnation, 
ex-Blood Red Throne, ex-Carpathian Forest, 
ex-Satyricon (live), ex-Emperor.
Blood Pervertor Guitars (2014-present): Apostasy, Chain Collector, 
Opus Forgotten, ex-Pantaculum, ex-Carpathian Forest, ex-NeonGod, 
ex-Trail of Tears.
ybalt Drums (2014-present): Curse, Den Saakaldte, Ethereal Forest, 
Fortíð, Heathen Deity, Twisted Autumn Darkness, ex-13 Candles, 
ex-Pantheon I, ex-Sarkom.
The 3rd Attempt was formed by former Carpathian Forest 
guitarists BloodPervertor and Tchort at the beginning of 2014. 
The debut full-length album is already written, and additional 
members are currently being sought in order to record and to 
become a fully functioning live band
Born In Thorns 2015
Featuring ex members from Carpathian Forest
01. Torment Nation
02. Dark Vision
03. Art Of Domination
04. We Defy
05. Born In Thorns
06. Beast Within
07. Sons Of The Winter
08. Nekrogrammaton
09. Firestorm
10. Anti-Self
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Hammercult Metalgrafia 2 (Actualization)

Built For War 2015
01. From Parts Unknown (Intro)
02. Rise Of The Hammer
03. I Live For This Shit
04. Spoils Of War
05. Ready To Roll
06. Raise Some Hell
07. Blackened Blade
08. Let It Roar
09. Ode To Ares (Interlude)
10. Altar Of Pain
11. Blood And Fire
12. Saturday Night Circle Pit Fight
13. Road To Hell
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Vulcano (Essential Albums)

Angel Vocals
Soto Jr Lead Guitars
Flavio Guitars
Zhema Bass
Laudir Drums
Bloody Vengeance 1986
Vulcano was the first Brazilian, and possibly the
first South American band that played extreme metal.
01. Dominios of Death
02. Spirits of Evil
03. Ready to Explode
04. Holocaust
05. Incubus
06. Death Metal
07. Voices from Hell
08. Bloody Vengeance
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

Iron Fist August September 2015

Iron Fist August September 2015

Sarcófago Metalgrafia 2 (Actualization)

Die... Hard! Compilation 2015
Compilation of Demos and Rehearsals.
Tracks 01 to 04 taken from 1st demo tape (first version)
Tracks 05 to 08 taken from 1st demo tape (second version)
Tracks 09 to 12 taken from "Satanic Lust" demo tape
Track 13 taken from "Black Vomit" demo tape
Track 14 is an "I.N.R.I." demo rehearsal version
Track 15 to 17 taken from "Christ's Death" demo tape
Track 18 is an "Alcoholic Coma" rehearsal demo version 
from "Rehearsals 89"
Track 19 is a "Secrets of a Window" demo version
Track 20 is a "Satanic Lust" instrumental demo version
01. Intro da Satanas
02. Satanás
03. Nightmare
04. Third Slaughter
05. Intro da Satanas
06. Satanas
07. Nightmare
08. Third Slaughter
09. Intro
10. Satanas
11. Nightmare
12. Third Slaughter
13. Black Vomit
14. I.N.R.I.
15. Christ’s Death
16. Desecration of Virgin
17. Satanic Lust
18. Alcoholic Coma
19. Secrets of a Window
20. Satanic Lust
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

Fuck Off Metalgrafia 2 (Actualization)

It's time to dust off the cellar, to clean and restore life to albums that marked a before and after in the history of this unfortunate country, in the case of FUCK OFF band leader in the history of our Thrash Metal, without doubt .

"Hell On Earth II (Revisited & Faster)" will be released through Xtreem Music on 1 March, in commemoration of its 25th anniversary since the original edition back in 1990, features 15 songs in total, where we will find the complete album "Hell On Earth" re-recorded the original album in 2014, 1-7 songs, one of which is the subject "Inquisition" but sung in English under the title of "Embraced by Religion" , with a modern sound and very correct 2 issues Demo "Invasion" , 2000, 2 long versions of two songs from the album recorded in 2013 and 4 versions of single urinals 1989.

At this point I only need to add that the presentation of the album with new cover included created by Greek artist Gerasimos Kolokas business is impressive, it includes a short biography of the band written by Pep own homes, where we have great detail the future of the band and situation in which the same rows with the departure of Joe charismatic vocalist at the time of found FUCK OFF , to enter doors to record this work in Birmingham. It holds up a bullet of a comic written and drawn by Pep himself.

"Hell On Earth" as the disk itself and has its own personality, certainly a landmark in our national bands, with proper evolution compared to its predecessor "Another Sacrifice" , where they have room laden riffs and powerful force, made ​​up of a cohesive, continuous fighting ordinariness of time, keep in mind that this work was written in 1989 and published a year later, where things were very different, and the facilities to transcribe and create music were purely artisan and rudimentary, nothing to do with the times and with the digital age, where everything is based on pushing buttons. Long live FUCK OFF !
Hell on Earth II (Revisited & Faster) 2015
Contains 7 re-recorded songs from the original album 
(one being the song 'Inquisición' sung in English under 
the title of 'Embraced by Religion') as well as 4 original 
single versions from 1989, 2 long versions of the album 
tracks recorded in 2013 and 2 songs from the 'Invasion' 
demo recorded in 2000.
01. Hell on Earth (2014)
02. Blasphemy (2014)
03. Whom You Have Never to Say His Name (2014)
04. Rider from Hell (2014)
05. Embraced by Religion (2014)
06. Witch, Hell Below the Belly (2014)
07. Midnight Confession (2014)
08. Torquemada (2000 Invasion - Demo)
09. Cyclone Pt. IV (2000 Invasion - Demo)
10. Hell on Earth (2013 Long Version)
11. Midnight Confession (2013 Long Version)
12. Embrion, Witch Below the Belly (1989 Single)
13. Inquisición (1989 Single)
14. Hell on Earth (1989 Single)
15. Midnight Confession (1989 Single)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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Tyranex Metalgrafia

Linnea Landstedt - Guitars & Vocals
Nino Vukovic - Guitars
Per Lindström - Bass
Johannes Lindström - Drums
After tour Poison Hell leave the band to follow with your bands and
TYRANEX is an energetic act from Sweden that sounds like the young
bands from 85’, like: Kreator, Destruction, Agent Steel and Megadeth.
Fronted and driven by female leadguitarist and singer Linnea Landstedt,
backed up with great musicians, Johannes Lindström, Per Lindström and
Nino Vukovic.
TYRANEX is real, oldschool, speed metal with attitude!
It all begun…
...at a "RAM"-concert in Sweden 2005 where the first sculptures of
TYRANEX took form.A complete line-up was put together in 2006 and 
TYRANEX could rehearse as a whole band.
2006-2010 TYRANEX released a few demos and practiced playing live alot!
2011 TYRANEX got their first record deal. They released their 
debut album “Extermination has begun” at Infernö Records (Fra) 
in 1000 CD copies.
In 2013 was the album released on Vinyl by Journeys end Records (Ger).
In January 2014 TYRANEX went into the studio to record their second
album "Unable to tame" was released the 10th of Ocotber 2014 at
Black Lodge records (cd and vinyl).
The same year TYRANEX was, for the first time, played on air with 
their new album and interview at swedish national radio.
Not much later they where nominated for swedish radio award P3 GULD (GOLD).
During the years TYRANEX has toured in Sweden, Finland, Germany, 
Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and France. They’ve played at big festivals 
like Metal Assault, Jalometalli, Steelfest and Taunus metal.
Unable To Tame 2014
01. Bloodlust And War
02. Unable To Tame
03. Chasing Death
04. Witches Gathering
05. Take The Torch
06. Invasion Of Evil
07. Victims
08. Into Darkness
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Extermination Has Begun 2011
01. The weak strike back
02. The curse
03. As the corss crumbles
04. Dreamland
05. None so cruel
06. Tormentor
07. Awakening the dead
08. Road to damnation
09. Extermination has begun
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

Enforcer Metalgrafia

Olof Wikstrand Guitars,Vocals,
Joseph Tholl Guitars
Tobias Lindqvist Bass
Jonas Wikstrand Drums
Adam Zaars Guitars (2006-2011)
The band was formed in 2004 in Arvika, a town in Sweden far away from everything. With the release of their debut album “Into The Night“ in late 2008, ENFORCER created a record which bucked the trend of overproduced, clean plastic albums with tons of tracks and triggered drums. “Into The Night“ was a pure metal record, standing in the tradition of acts such as Exciter, Agent Steel and Anvil. ENFORCER were heavily touring through Europe and the US – along with acts such as Portrait and Cauldron, plus performing at many festivals like the German „Bang Your Head“ and „Keep It True“ festivals along with the legendary „Sweden Rock“ festival among others.
With the extreme live energy and the overwhelming feedback in their mind, ENFORCER wrote the follow up record “Diamonds“ in 2009, entering the studio by the end of the year with renown Swedish producer Rikard Lofgren. And indeed the five metal heads managed to top their iconic debut. “Diamonds“ delivered a heavy metal album the way it is intended to sound!
With this masterpiece written, ENFORCER toured through Europe along with Airbourne and Bullet, followed by more festival appearances at „Metal Camp“ in Slovenia and „Bloodstock Open Air“ and „Sonisphere“ in the UK. Recently, ENFORCER were invited to open up for legendary NWOBHM act Angel Witch in the UK, before entering the studio once again to record their third album, which is called “Death By Fire“ and will be released through their new label Nuclear Blast in February 2013.

Once again, the album has less than 40 minutes of playing time – a trademark of ENFORCER for a certain reason: “We write all music for the vinyl format and a normal LP can never be longer than 19 minutes on each side without losing sound quality. None of my favorite records are longer than 39 minutes anyway. It’s the perfect length both in that sense as well as keeping up an interest from the listener throughout the whole record. The record is made for listening to as an entirety and when it’s over the listener should be craving for more, not less. We don’t write any fillers.”
From a musical side, “Death By Fire” stands in the same direction as the previous two records, but even more focused, with strong melodies, outstanding riffs and a voice, which is strong as steel.
Olof comments: “We decided to do the ultimate Enforcer record rather than trying to break new grounds. Take all elements that make us stand out from all other bands of today and exaggerate it 1000 times. Behold. DEATH BY FIRE!”
From Beyond 2015
01. Destroyer
02. Undying Evil
03. From Beyond
04. One With Fire
05. Below The Slumber
06. Hungry They Will Come
07. The Banshee
08. Farewell
09. Hell Will Follow
10. Mask Of Red Death
11. Bursting Out
12. I Turned Into A Martian
13. Mean Machine
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Death By Fire 2013
01. Bells Of Hades
02. Death Rides This Night
03. Run For Your Life
04. Mesmerized By Fire
05. Take Me out Of This Nightmare
06. Crystal Suite
07. Sacrificed
08. Silent Hour / The Conjugation
09. Satan
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Diamonds 2010
01. Midnight Vice
02. Roll the Dice
03. Katana
04. Running in Menace
05. High Roller
06. Diamonds (instrumental)
07. Live for the Night
08. Nightmares
09. Walk With Me
10. Take Me to Hell
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Into The Night 2008
01. Black Angel
02. Mistress From Hell
03. Into the Night
04. Speed Queen
05. On the Loose
06. City Lights
07. Scream of the Savage
08. Curse the Light
09. Evil Attacker
10. Black Angel (Demo)
11. Evil Attacker (Demo)
12. Mistress From Hell (Demo)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

Venom (Essential Albums)

Cronos: Bass, Vocals
Mantas: Guitars
Abaddon: Drums
Originally began as a 5-piece called Guillotine with Clive Archer on vocals, Alan Winston on bass and Cronos on rhythm guitar. Archer and Mantas met at a Judas Priest concert in 1979 which led to Archer and Abaddon (both of the band Oberon) joining Guillotine.

Cronos switched to bass when Alan Winston left the band a week before a gig - his decision to plug his bass guitar into a guitar amp is credited with the development of his trademark “bulldozer bass” sound. The line-up was further trimmed down to a three-piece following the first demo session when the rest of the band decided they preferred Cronos' vocal style to Archer's.

Illness and passport problems prevented Jeff “Mantas” Dunn from joining the early part of Venom's At War With Satan US-tour. He was temporarily replaced by Dave Irwin and Les Cheetham.

There are no ever-present members in the Venom line-up. The only original member currently in the band is Cronos. The band briefly split after Calm Before the Storm (recorded without Mantas) before reforming without Cronos, and later split again after The Waste Lands.

The classic Cronos-Mantas-Abaddon line-up reformed for Cast in Stone, though Abaddon was later fired and replaced with Cronos' brother Antton for Resurrection. A serious back injury suffered by Cronos in a climbing accident in 2002 then put Venom on hold, and by the time he had recovered and was ready to continue, Mantas had moved on to other projects.

Similar to the Saxon situation, Mantas and Abaddon regrouped in 2015 under a slightly different name, Venom Inc, and started playing live.
Possessed 1985/2002
01. Powerdrive
02. Flytrap
03. Satanachist
04. Burn This Place To The Ground
05. Harmony Dies
06. Possessed
07. Hellchild
08. Moonshine
09. Wing And A Prayer
10. Suffer Not The Children
11. Voyeur
12. Mystique
13. Too Loud For The Crowd
14. Nightmare (12" Mix)
15. F.O.A.D. (12" B-Side)
16. Warhead (12" B-Side)
17. Possessed (Remix)
18. Witching Hour (Live)
19. Teachers Pet/Poison/Teachers Pet (Live)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
At War with Satan 1983/2002
01. At War with Satan
02. Rip Ride
03. Genocide
04. Cry Wolf
05. Stand Up (And Be Counted)
06. Women, Leather and Hell
07. Aaaaaaarrghh
08. At War with Satan (TV Adverts)
09. Warhead (12" Version)
10. Lady Lust (12" Version)
11. The Seven Gates of Hell (12" Version)
12. Manitou (12" Version)
13. Woman (12" Version)
14. Dead of Night (12" Version)
15. Manitou (Abbey Road Uncut Mix)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Black Metal 1982/2002
01. Black Metal
02. To Hell And Back
03. Buried Alive
04. Raise The Dead
05. Teachers Pet
06. Leave Me In Hell
07. Sacrifice
08. Heaven's On Fire
09. Countess Bathory
10. Don't Burn The Witch
11. At War With Satan (Preview)
12. Bursting Out (60 Min.+ Version)
13. Black Metal (Radio One Session)
14. Nightmare (Radio One Session)
15. Too Loud For The Crowd (Radio One Session)
16. Bloodlust (Radio One Session)
17. Die Hard (12" Version)
18. Acid Queen (12" Version)
19. Bursting Out (12" Version)
20. Hounds Of Hell (Outtake)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Welcome To Hell 1981/2002
01. Sons of Satan  
02. Welcome to Hell
03. Schizo 
04. Mayhem with Mercy
05. Poison 
06. Live like an Angel (Die like a Devil)
07. Witching Hour
08. One Thousand Days in Sodom
09. Angel Dust
10. In League with Satan
11. Red Light Fever
12. Angel Dust (Lead Weight Version)
13. In League With Satan (7" Version)
14. Live Like An Angel (7" Version)
15. Bloodlust (7" Version)
16. In Nomine Satanas (7" Version)
17. Angel Dust (Demo)
18. Raise the Dead (Demo)
19. Red Light Fever (Demo)
20. Welcome to Hell (Demo)
21. Bitch Witch (Outtake)
22. Snots Shit (Outtake)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.