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Therion (Essential Albums)

Christofer Johnsson Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards (1987-present)
ex-Carbonized, ex-Procreation, ex-Demonoid, ex-Excruciate, ex-Messiah
Peter Hansson     Guitars, Keyboards (1987-1993) : ex-Procreation
Erik Gustafsson     Bass (1987-1991) : Lust Murder Box, ex-Dismember
Oskar Forss     Drums (1987-1992)
Piotr "Docent" Wawrzeniuk  Drums, Vocals (1993-1996)
ex-Carbonized, ex-Serpent, ex-Monev
Magnus Barthelson  Guitars (1993-1994) : ex-Feeble Lies, ex-Formicide
Andreas "Wallan" Wahl     Bass (1993-1994)
ex-Concrete Sleep, ex-Formicide, ex-Serpent
Symphony Masses - Ho Drakon Ho Megas 1993
01. Baal Reginon
02. Dark Princess Naamah
03. A Black Rose (Covered With Tears, Blood And Ice)
04. Symphoni Drakonis Inferni
05. Dawn Of Perishness
06. The Eye Of Eclipse
07. The Ritual Dance Of The Yezidis
08. Powerdance
09. Procreation Of Eternity
10. Ho Dracon Ho Megas - Act 1 - The Dragon Throne
11. Ho Dracon Ho Megas - Act 2 - Fire And Ecstasy
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Beyond Sanctorum 1992/2000
Released in 2000 by Nuclear Blast as the part of The
Early Chapters of Revelation boxset with five bonus tracks.
01. Future Consciousness
02. Pandemonic Outbreak
03. Cthulhu
04. Symphony Of The Dead
05. Beyond Sanctorum
06. Enter The Depths Of Eternal Darkness
07. Illusions Of Life
08. The Way
09. Paths
10. Tyrants Of The Damned
11. Cthulhu (Demo version)
12. Future Consciousness (Demo version)
13. Symphony Of The Dead (Demo version)
14. Beyond Sanctorum (Demo version)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Of Darkness... 1991/2000
Re-issued in 2000 by Nuclear Blast Records as
part of "The Early Chapters of Revelation" boxset
with 4 bonus tracks from the "Time Shall Tell" EP:
01. The Return
02. Asphyxiate With Fear
03. Morbid Reality
04. Megalomania
05. A Suburb To Hell
06. Genocidal Raids
07. Time Shall Tell
08. Dark Eternity
09. A Suburb To Hell (Demo version)
10. Asphyxiate With Fear (Demo version)
11. Time Shall Tell (Unreleased version)
12. Dark Eternity (Unreleased version)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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