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Exorcist Metalgrafia

Damien Rath (David DeFeis) Vocals
: Virgin Steele, ex-Jack Starr's Burning Starr,
ex-Carnival of Souls, ex-Mountain Ash, ex-Phoenix
Marc Dorian (Edward Pursino) Guitars
: Virgin Steele, ex-Original Sin, ex-Piledriver
Jamie Locke (Joe O'Reilly) Bass
: ex-Original Sin, ex-Jack Starr's Burning Starr, ex-Virgin Steele
Geoff Fontaine (Mark Edwards) Drums
: Sisterblind, ex-Original Sin, ex-Jack Starr's Burning Starr,
ex-Criss Angel, ex-Foxx, ex-Rhett Forrester's Scarface
Nightmare Theatre 1986
Exorcist's Nightmare Theatre was one of a few
albums on Cobra Records by made-up bands with
their musicians disguised by pseudonyms. It was
written and recorded by Virgin Steele's David DeFeis
and Edward Pursino with assistance from VS bassist
Joe O'Reilly and ex-Steeler drummer Mark Edwards.
This line-up also recorded the sole Original Sin album,
with DeFeis' sister Danae as vocalist.
1. Black Mass
2. The Invocation
3. Burnt Offerings
4. The Hex
5. Possessed
6. Call For The Exorcist
7. Death By Bewitchment
8. The Trial
9. Execution Of The Witches
10. Consuming Flames Of Redemption
11. Megawatt Mayhem
12. Riding To Hell
13. Queen Of The Dead
14. Lucifer's Lament
15. The Banishment
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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