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Darkified Metalgrafia

Martin Gustavsson     Vocals (1991-1992)
: Plague Warhead, ex-Amenophis, ex-Allegiance, ex-Grimorium
Roberth Karlsson     Bass (1991-1992)
: Aktiv Dödshjälp, Facebreaker, Scar Symmetry, Tormented,
Zombified, ex-No Fucking God, ex-Pan.Thy.Monium, ex-Scypozoa,
ex-Solar Dawn, ex-Devian, ex-Edge of Sanity, ex-Incapacity
Af Gravf     Drums (1991-1992)
: Dimension Zero, Cardinal Sin, ex-Grimorium, Nifters, ex-Marduk
Tim Pettersson     Guitars (1992): ex-Amenophis
Martin Ahx     Guitars (1991-1992)
Darkified never really became anything big before the band members
quit to devote their time to other acts, but they sure had the
The bandmembers laid aside this brilliant project and focused on
what later was going to be classical acts such as Edge Of Sanity
and Marduk.
The 4 original members were: Jocke "Grave" Göthberg who played
drums on both the demo and the ep, and at the same time also
played drums in Marduk, and he later also sang in Marduk.
His list of participations in other bands count acts like
Cardinal Sin, whom he joined on vocals and drums after
Marduk in 1996, Escape, Grimorium, Rotten Remains, Soulcrushed
and Speed Limit and today he is the singer in Dimension Zero. Martin
Ahx, played the guitars and he has also played in Trimmad Elg. Robert
Karlsson played the bass, but he did not play on the demo.
Robert was later the man who took over for Dan Swanö, when he quit the
legendary Edge Of Sanity in 1997. Robert also played in Pan-Thy-Monium,
Facebreaker, Incapacity and today he plays bass in the band Solar Dawn.
Martin "Draupin" Gustafsson did the singing in Darkified, and after the
dissolvement, he later played in Amenophis. All the great music was
written by Jocke and Martin Ahx, while Martin Draupin handled the lyrics.
Mastermind Dan "Kill" Swanö, who at that time was just getting his own
band Edge Of Sanity on it's feet, also had a big part to play in this,
to most people, totally unknown band. He produced both the Demo and the
EP in Gorysound Studios and he played guitar and keyboard on some of
the songs. Session musicians also included Jonas "Sabri" Amundin on
guitars and Alex Bathory did some helpless screaming.
Cthulhu Riseth: The Complete Works Of Darkified 2012
Tracks 01-05 taken from the Dark Demo 1992.
Tracks 06-08 taken from the Sleep Forever 7" 1992.
Tracks 09-13 recorded live at Valuet / Gothenburg 1991.
Track  14 Taken from the Rehearsal Track.
....Dark Demo 1992....
01. Intro
02. Howlings from the Darkness
03. A Summon for the Nameless Horrors
04. The Forgotten City
05. Outro - Out from Darkness
....Sleep Forever 7" 1992....
06. Sleep Forever...
07. The Forgotten City (1992 version)
08. The Whisperer in the Darkness
....Live At Valuet / Gothenburg 1991....
09. Intro (live)
10. A Summon for the Nameless Horrors (live)
11. Howlings from the Darkness (live)
12. Enter the Eternal Fire (Bathory cover) (live)
13. The Forgotten City (live)
....Rehearsal Track....
14. Sleep Forever (rehearsal)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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