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Dream Death Metalgrafia

Brian Lawrence Guitars, Vocals (1985-1989,
2011-present): ex-Penance
Terry Weston Guitars (1987-1989, 2011-present)
: Penance, ex-Doomwatch
Richard Freund Bass (1988-1989, 2011-present)
: Penance, ex-Deathmass, Mole Hill
Mike Smail Drums (1985-1989, 2011-present)
: Penance, ex-Under the Sun, ex-Pentagram,
ex-Cathedral, ex-Internal Void
The band formed in 1985 as a trio with Brian Lawrence on guitar
and vocals, Mike Smail on drums and Ted Williams on bass.
They wrote songs, played their first gigs and recorded their
first self-titled demo.
After a few months, the band decided on adding a second
guitarist, (former Doomwatch bassist) Terry Weston to the
band and set out to write and record their second demo,
"More Graveyard Delving". They released their debut album,
"Journey into Mystery" in 1987. Shortly afterwards, Ted Williams
left to join crossover metal band Eviction, and the remaining
three members changed their name to Penance.
They reformed as Dream Death in 2011, while Penance are
also very much an ongoing concern.
Somnium Excessum 2013
01. Feast
02. Them
03. Dystopian Distress Signal
04. Bludgeon
05. You're Gonna Die Up There
06. From Inside The Walls
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Back From The Dead Compilation 2005
Official re-release of their Demos.
Demo '86: tracks 1.-6.
More Graveyard Delving Demo '87: tracks 7.-11.
Ode to Sorrow Demo '88: tracks 12.-14.
The CD actually only has 13 tracks, combining Journey into
Mystery and Back from the Dead in track 7, though explicitly
listing them as different tracks in the artwork.
......Dream Death Demo 1986......
1. Sealed in Blood
2. Rhaizes Shadows
3. Meet thy Maker
4. Wolves Bane
5. Under the Blood Red Moon
6. Dream Death
......More Graveyard Delving Demo 1987......
7. Journey Into Mystery / Back From The Dead
8. The Elder Race
9. Method to Madness
10. Bitterness and Hatred
......Ode to Sorrow Demo 1988......
11. The Unseen
12. A Wayfarer's Tale
13. Born to Suffer
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Journey Into Mystery 1987
01. Back From The Dead
02. The Elder Race
03. Bitterness And Hatred
04. Black Edifice
05. Divine In Agony
06. Hear My Screams
07. Sealed In Blood
08. Dream Death
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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