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Carpticon Metalgrafia

Angst     Vocals
: Dauden, Drephjard, ex-Arvas (live)
Ishtarh     Guitars
Brigge     Guitars:  ex-Ragnarok
DezeptiCunt     Bass
: Criterion, Nebular Mystic, Quadrivium, Ragnarok,
Vidsyn, ex-Beyond Insanity
Telal     Drums
: Attentat, Endezzma, Sarpedon, Troll, Astaroth, ex-Desiderium,
ex-Moloch, ex-Sanzia, ex-Thornbound, ex-Isvind (live), ex-Infernal
Carpticon is a black metal band from Jessheim, Norway. Carpticon was
officially founded in December 2001 by Brigge and Ishtarh. Carpticon
was at the beginning called "Svitjod", but after a while they found
out that the name was occupied so they had to change it. Some time
went by and many suggestions where considered and they came up with
"Infernal Fiend", after a short time they decided to change that one
too and ended up with Carpticon. They started to rehearse at the
local Rock club at Jessheim. And at this time they only where the
two founding members.
Since they both played guitar they needed other musicians to do the
rest, but that was not so easy that they hoped. After a while they
managed to collect a whole lineup in 2002 and they recorded a single
called "The Art Of Darkness". The Art of Darkness was recorded on a
eight track HD recorder and the production and sound quality was not
what they was expecting, but it was an experience to build on.
they continued writing songs and few months later they had written
around eight tracks which they was practicing as often as three -
four days a week. The members that contributed on the recording of
"The Art Of Darkness" where now leaving the band, and they was back
with only two guitars again. In late 2002 the former guitarist of
Mandylion, Hellspawn joined Carpticon. they felt they had to record a
promo package soon so they went through all the material that laid by
their hands, and re-writed a few of the tracks and wrote a few new.
they recorded a preproduction in November 2002; Occularis Inferum
started to take form. They practiced hard for about a month and
planned to record the demo in December, but since the session drummer
that would help them out with the drum tracks was very busy at this
point they had to put the recording on ice for a while. 2003 started
out about the same as the past year ended, with many and long practices
and lack of members. In January they where asked to do a gig at the
opening of a youth club at Jessheim. So they did two gigs only using a
drum machine, two guitars and vocals. Carpticon started the year 2003
as a three man band, but in the spring they managed to get a drummer
again. Former drummer of Alsvartr, Valdr. they practiced a few times
and after a while his other projects occupied much of his time, so he
got us a replacement drummer. The drummer of Nebular Mystic, Morgoth
joined Carpticon at the summer and they practiced for a while and
ended the year together with a gig at Jessheimdays in August 2003.
It was on a pretty big stage outdoors with pro sound and light
engineers. This was their first true live experience and that..s
the biggest they have done so far.
After the gig at Jessheimdays Carpticon was put on ice for about nine
months due to military service and other related things, they got a
few offers to play at small Norwegian festivals in the next months but
because of the reasons above they had to say no. Much of the time was
used planning their next moves. When they all where back in 2004
Hellhamer left Carpticon, he was replaced by Volund and they were now
four members. A long time of practice and planning was ahead of them
and they arranged photo sessions and started to look for a place to
record their promo package. Valdr joined Carpticon again in late 2004,
but now to play the bass. they formerly lived at their rehearsal dungeon
in these few months before Christmas and in December it was settled 
that they was entering Panser Studio in January 2005 to record 
Occularis Infernum. In these months before the studio visit they did 
the last small adjustments on their material and they used January to
 record and mix Occularis Infernum.
The release was set to 7th of February and their first promo package was
finally done, after three years writing tracks, lyrics and searching for
members. In April 2005 They played their first consert for over a year
together with Thyruz on Garasjen Rock Cafè Jessheim. Almost 100 metal
heads visited the event this evening, they got good critics and it went
out pretty well. Now they have started to write new tracks which they
are going to record probably some time in 2005, they gave us a taste
from that live on Jessheim. In June Carpticon was contacted by the
Spanish underground label BlackSeed Productions, they showed their
interest for Carpticon and wanted to release their debut album.
And first of August they Signed up with BlackSeed Productions.
Master Morality 2006
1.Master Of Mind And Flesh
2.Mørkets Makt
3.The Imprint Of Corrupted Souls
4.New Flesh
5.This Is The Age Of Satan
7.Rovdyr Av Døden
8.Dark Redemption
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Occularis Infernum Demo 2005
The first official Demo of the Norwegian band Carpticon.
Played and recorded on the best quality ever seen on a
so young band.
1. The Imprint of Corrupted Souls
2. New Flesh
3. Darkened
4. Rovdyr av Døden
5. Mankind's Putrefaction
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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