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Blasphereion Metalgrafia

Dan Vandeplas     Vocals, Bass (R.I.P. 1997)
: ex-Enthroned, ex-Morbid Death, ex-Metempsychosis
Fabrice Depireux     Drums
: ex-Enthroned, ex-Morbid Death, ex-Metempsychosis
Patrick Rosa     Guitars: ex-Morbid Death
Eddy Satin     Guitars
In 1987 Dan Vandeplas formed MORBID DEATH with Franck
(later know as Lord Sabathan) and Fabian.
After 10 months, they recorded the first demo "Demoniac"
with influences very thrash as Kreator, Sepultura, etc.
With this band, they played 3 concerts live and in March 1990,
a second guitarist came to complete the band : Serge
(ex-Metempsychosis). After some musical divergences, Fabian
and Franck left the band.
In May 1990, Fabrice (ex-Metempsychosis) joined the band as
drummer and 5 month later the second demo "Diabolic Forces"
was recorded with the following line up :
Dan Vandeplas : Guitar & Vocals
Serge Natalizio : Bass
Fabrice Depireux : Drums
The influences were Death Metal.
After some time, Dan played Bass & Guitar and a second guitar
player joined the band : Patrick Rosa.
They played 6 concerts live with this formation. Due to
understanding among the group, a decision had been taken
and Serge had to leave the band. Soon after, the band played
4 concerts live. In search of a second guitarist, Eddy Satin
joined the formation in August 1991.
They played 2 concerts live with this new guitarist.
In October 1991, the band took a new name : BLASPHEREION.
The band plays Death Metal with influences like Gorefest,
Incantation, Deicide and some more.
They recorded first album "Rest in Peace" released by
Osmose Productions (France) in November 1991 with this line up:
Dan Vandeplas : Vocals & Bass
Patrick Rosa : Guitar
Eddy Satin : Guitar
Fabrice Depireux : Drums
Blasphereion self-titled 3 tracks Demo released in 1993.
Rest in Peace 1991
1. Intro
2. Church of Lies
3. Dells of Pain
4. Demon's Blood
5. Decadence Life
6. Apocalyptic Visions
7. It's Still There
8. R.I.P.
9. Inside My Eyes
10. At the Bound of Madness
11. Future Earth
12. Listen to Their Crys
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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