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Future Tense Metalgrafia

Cock Van Drunen     Vocals
Reinier Schenk     Guitars
Rob Weber     Guitars
Tjerk Kiesel     Bass
Ruud Beunder     Drums
Future Tense started at the end of the 70s. The bandmembers played
in many bands before and played all types of rock. At a certain point
a new band was started and called New Spring Band, featuring Michiel
van Loef on guitars, Tjerk Kiesel on bass, Rico Hoek on drums and
Peter Ockhuyzen on vocals.

Soon they had to change the name, because the initials ‘NSB’ were
the same as the Dutch Naziparty in WWII.
After 6 month Rico was sent to another band and Ruud Beunder came
to replace him on the drums.
After some thinking Michiel came up with the name Future Tense.
‘Future’ was meaning their ambition to the future and ‘Tense’ was
the tension, which comes along the way.
Soon they played live in their region, which was around Woerden,
not really a big city, and it can described as a village in the
countryside. They rehearsed in a farm!

After some time a first demo "Future Tense" was made.
Some changes were made Rob Weber on guitar and Cock van Drunen
on vocals were invited to join the band.
From that time Future Tense created it's typical heavy-metal
sound and their typical Heavy Metal sound is in development.
The typical Future Tense was first to hear on their second demo
‘Protect Your Ears’. A few months later their third demo ‘Battle
of metal’ appeared. This one was issued in ’83 en sent all over
the world.

Also in America, where the manager from another Dutch band Together,
Jan Scheffers, made a lot of Future Tense promotion. The demo was
played at radiostations and ended up very high in the polls, even
before bands like Iron Maiden.
This attracted the attention of Brian Slagel from Metal Blade who
just started up this label. He issued some compilation LP’s under
the name of ‘Metal Masscre’ and for issue nr. 5, he was interested
in putting a song from Future Tense on this LP. The result was the
song ‘Nightmare’ and so became Future Tense the first European band,
which appeared on a release from Metal Blade (together with another
legendary band, Hellhammer).

At same time back in Holland the band signed a deal with Universe for
an MLP. Just before the recording the very young guitarist Reinier
Schenk joined the band to make the guitarsound heavier.
The recording just took two days in some kind of mobile studio. The
result, the MLP ‘Condemned to the Gallow’ were great, although the
band was not that pleased with the sound.
But songs like ‘Sword of Vengeance’ or ‘Condemned to the Gallow’
really marked their epic satanic Heavy Metal mage. The cover was
drawn by a streetjunkie, founded on the streets somewhere.

After the release of the Metal Massacre compilation and the MLP
the reviews were not that glorious.
Especially Cock’s voice had to stand a lot of critical notes.
In the meantime they played some great live shows.
Mostly they played on stage with two burning crosses
(the two ‘T’s in their logo).

A legendary live show was at Klarenpop where the guys were treated
like stars and the crowd went totally mad when they started. The
band had a very fanatic following. Especially some fans from Zeddam.
They followed Future Tense everywhere they played. One time the
band played in Geleen, which was for those guys almost the other
side of Holland. But after a very long trip on their mopeds (!!!)
they visited the gig.

Despite the releases they didn’t play as much live as they wanted
to and also the interest in the band didn’t increase.
The motivation went down by the months and so it happened that in
early ’85 the band split up.
The guys continued in lots of other bands, but it never had that
success and ‘magic’ as with Future Tense.

Over the years the band got forgotten by all the journalists and
label people, but never by the die-hards who still kept the band
in their hearts.
So it was no surprise that an initiative came from these die-hards
to approach Tjerk for an interview for the German underground
fanzine ‘That’s Metal’. Soon the HM Maniacs foundation, an
underground organisation asked the guys if they could put an old
Future Tense song on their compilation. Tjerk answered that he
rather put a new Future Tense recording on this album. In 2001
this sampler was released with a new recording of ‘Evil Attack’
and the never released demo song ‘Battle of Metal’.

On the CD released party the band played together after 16 years!!
Although it was without Reinier (he could not make the time) and
they played only 2 songs. The crowd and the band loved it!!
After a period it seems that also in the Black Metal scene Future
Tense had still a name. The Danish Black Metal
‘Denial of God’ announced that they wanted to cover ‘Sword of Vengeance’
on their coming MLP.

At the moment, 2004, the band exist again. The band just does it for
their own fun and to please the fans.
The band will play some gigs again, the American underground label
Doomed Planet will release old FT stuff on vinyl and the band itself
will release a MCD with new recordings of old songs.
And maybe, very maybe we can expect new Future Tense material.
So after so many years the band is back together and prove that
‘old school never dies!!!’
The Final Cut Compilation 2011
Tracks 01-06 from "Battle of Metal" Demo '83
Tracks 07-11 from "Condemned to the Gallows" MLP '84
Tracks 12-14 from "Swords Of Vengeance" CD EP 2003
Track  15 recorded for a compilation CD in 2002
01. Battle of Metal
02. Nightmare
03. Marquis de Sade
04. Damned Forever
05. Mephisto
06. Go to Hell
07. Go to Hell
08. Swords of Vengeance
09. La Guillotine
10. Condemned to the Gallows
11. Evil Attack
12. Swords of Vengeance
13. Nightmare
14. Go to Hell
15. Evil Attack
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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