lunes, 2 de marzo de 2015

Warhead Metalgrafia

Patrick "The Beast" Vocals (Crossfire,Dagorlad)
Didier Kapelle "Wall of Sound" Guitars (Cyclone)
Pierre "Evil Tyrant" Bass
Firedamp Drums
WARHEAD from Belgium released their only two records "Speedway" and "The Day After" in 1984 respectively 1986. In 1994, both longplayer got pressed separately on CD for the Mausoleum Classix series and in 2002, both records are offered on one CD because of the 20th anniversary of Mausoleum Records.
For that time and also for today, the music of the Belgians is pretty heavy. Far away of all bombastic- or melodic gayness, WARHEAD always delivered pretty hard stuff. Linearly, mostly fast and pretty brutal, so this CD should be a must for every fan of simple Metal of the 80s.
But really only something for 80s maniacs, lovers of EDGUY, STRATOVARIUS or HELLOWEEN will (mostly) hate it. Those, who like the "Bomber"-period of MOTÖRHEAD, GRAVE DIGGER in their "Heavy Metal Breakdown"/"Witchunter"-period, won't have any problems with WARHEAD.
Songs like "Speedway", which starts off with motorbike sounds and contains a bass part ala "Running With The Devil" (VAN HALEN), the shell "Devil's Child", which reminds me in the beginning of the mid-part of SAVATAGE's '86 classic "Hall Of The Mountain King", or "Legions Of Hell", which contains some slight "Angel Of Death" (ANGEL WITCH) citations, all are killers, which aren't heard so often today.
The Day After 1986
1. Legions Of Hell
2. Evil Night
3. Devil's Church
4. The Day After
5. Black Time
6. Last Night
7. Fall Out
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Speedway 1984
1. Speedway
2. Kill The Witch
3. Driver
4. Devil´s Child
5. Attack Of The Shark
6. The Alliance
7. Attack And Kill
8. First Light Of The Apocalypse
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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