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Backwater Metalgrafia

Thomas Guschelbauer Guitars, Vocals (1981-1993, 2008-present)
Achim Schmietow Vocals, Bass (1981-1989)
Manfred Cossmann Drums (1981-1986, 1986-1993)
Steffen Gottwald Drums (2008-present)
Oliver Hirsch Vocals (2011-2015)
Miguel Di Muzio Bass
Lothar Lauble Guitars
The musical spirit of BACKWATER goes back to the early eighties. Many Metalheads still remember the two longplayers „Revelation“ and „Final Strike“, which where released in 1984 and 1985.
One of the highlights in this period was „Rock The Nation“, a tour together with RESTLESS and GRAVESTONE where BACKWATER left a permanent impression all over Germany.
BACKWATER‘s current magnificant live performance was proven under many well-known metal band‘s at the „Heavy Metal Overkill“ Open-Air-Festival in July 2012.
It was the first show with new song material and line-up, after this very long time of live abstinence. Approx. 500 fans welcomed and celebrated Backwater as if they never left the scene.
The current BACKWATER music can be defined as badass, absorbing, partly melodic metal, which is especially affected by very tight rhythmics. The merciless, wide-ranging vocals and shouts crash against a wall made by guitars, bass and drums.
The members left their footprints at various bands like TAI PAN, X-RAY, FATERED, UNDERTOW, WRONGSIDE, DIZZYRE, UNFROYND and AUDIONAUT.
BACKWATER recorded their new material from Dec. 2012 to May 2013. Drums at Basement-Studio by Daniel Bäuerlein, all other instruments and vocals were recorded, mixed and masterd at Everdark-Studio by Martin Winkler.
Take Extreme Forms 2013
01. Arise
02. New Fire
03. Run or Die
04. Take Extreme Forms
05. The World
06. Deepest Black
07. Aliens Blood
08. Burn
09. Nuts and Guts
10. Grizzly Bear
11. Crush
12. Tale of Doom
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Revelation / Final Strike 1984/1986/1990/2006
Tracks 01-09 from the Revelation LP 1984
Tracks 10-18 from the Final Strike LP 1986
Tracks 19-20 from the It Still Flows (Demo) 1990
01. Dirty Pigs
02. Too Much Alcohol
03. Bad Choice
04. The Black Knight And The Holy Sword
05. The Creed
06. Hell-Cat
07. Shut Up And Love
08. Witchchaser
09. Rock Hard
10. Backwater
11. Cry Out
12. Ballad Of Dying
13. Nuclear War
14. Touch Of The Avenue
15. Vicious
16. Green-Eyed Woman
17. Smokin' Drinkin'
18. Backwater Part 2
19. Blind (Demo) 1990
20. Addicted To Pain (Demo) 1990
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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