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Hellkommander Metalgrafia

Poisonhell Vocals, Guitars (2005-2013)
: Atomic Roar, Diabolic Force, Farscape, ex-Sodomizer
Leatherface Bass (2005-present)
: Sodomizer, Thy Rites, ex-Infektor
Adrameleck Drums (2005-present)
: ex-Putréfagos, ex-Apokalyptic Raids, ex-Grave Desecrator, 
ex-Prophecy, ex-Sodomizer, ex-Bíblia Negra, ex-Nocturnal Worshipper
Inkubus Vocals (2013-present)
: Embalsamado, Imperador Belial
Leatherface ( Sodomizer and Satan Worship ) and Adramelech ( Ex- Nocturnal Worshipper, Ex- Biblía Negra, ex- Sodomizer), in the year of 2005 beggin dug together the Pit of Noise, Destruction, Terror, Fear, Desolation and Darkness know as HELLKOMMANDER.
After some rehersals with Thiago Caronte on vocals and guitar (ex- Dark Forest , Velho), Leatherface on the bass and Adrameleck on beats, they created noises tortures like GIFT OF DEATH, DOG FROM HELL and was ready to enter in studio to record your first album, but Thiago Caronte leave the band to follow with your band Velho.
They call Poison Hell ( Farscape, Diabolic Force ) to guitars and vocals and together recorded the first attack. DEATH TO MY ENEMIES was realesed in cd by Dark Sun rec (Brasil) in the year of 2007, after had a vinyl version by Iron Bone Head and High Holler rec (Germany), and a new edition with bônus by EBM rec (Mexico).
The Year of 2011 Hellkommander join the forces with Maniacs from Sodomizer to realese the split MAKING THE DEVIL WORK in a cd edition by Brazilian label Morbid Tales, after (2012) more one split with Farscape from Brasil was realesed in 7’ep vinyl edition by German label Dying Victms rec.
Hellkommander and Sodomizer followed in a Unholy Carnage tour by Europe, in february of 2013, they played in UK (London and Newcastle), Germany (Berlin), Áustria (Viena), Romenia (Bucareste), Denmark (Copenhagem and Fredericia) and Sweden (Stokolmo).
After tour Poison Hell leave the band to follow with your bands and Inkubus (Imperador Belial, Embalsamado) join with Hellkommander in vocals.
Now Hellkommander run with rehersal to record your second album, HELL IS MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN HEAVEN. It will be recorded soon and next greats genocides and civil cannibal wars will have a perfect noises marches, between human race scumfuck make your Best, when is it about Steal, Rape, Kill and Burn...
Making The Devil Work (CD Split) 2011
01. Sodomizer: Desespero
02. Sodomizer: The Call of the Beast
03. Sodomizer: Instrumental
04. Sodomizer: When the Cannibals Attack
05. Hellkommander: Steal, Rape, Kill, Burn
06. Hellkommander: Swear to Satan
07. Hellkommander: Fuck the World
08. Hellkommander: Unleashed Carnage
09. Hellkommander: One Thousand Years of Death
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Death To My Enemies 2007
01. Gift of Death
02. Dog from Hell
03. The Cursed
04. Armageddon, I Want It Now
05. Nuclear Graves
06. Morbid Obsession
07. Black Rites
08. Execute the Weak
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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