jueves, 30 de julio de 2015

Legions Of Thrash Compilation 2015

Legions Of Thrash Compilation 2015
01. Nocturnal Breed: Sodomite (Gentile Orgy Edit 2005) 
02. Vulcano: The Tenth Writing 
03. Erazor: Total Might 
04. Euronymous: Witchryder 
05. Bio-Cancer: Backstabbed Again (Demo Version) 
06. Warlust: Obsession To Kill 
07. Nocturnal Witch: Heavy Metal S.S. 
08. Necrodeath: Headhunting 
09. Wifebeater: Beat Her To The Shelter 
10. The Ugly: Decreation 
11. Infernal Assault: Horned Plague 
12. Burstin' Out: Speed Hounds From Hell 
13. Witching Hour: From The Black Crypts Of Fullmoon 
14. Division Speed: Blazing Heat 
15. Darkness: L.A.W. 
16. Contradiction: Curse You All 
17. Outrage: The Biggest Wrench
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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The band in track 4 is named "EurYnOmous", not "EurOnYmous".

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