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Leprosy Metalgrafia

Patrik Olofsson Vocals (1987-1990)
Magnus Liljetoft Guitars (1987-1990)
Patrik Svärd Guitars (1987-1990)
Miko Mattson Bass (1988-1990)
Nicke Olsson Drums (1987-1990)
Formed in 1987 as Sadistic Pain by Niclas Olsson 
and Christian Carlsson. The style was thrash metal 
with brutal vocals that hinted at death metal. 
Before the release of the first demo tape the band 
name was changed to Leprosy. Another demo tape was 
done before the band met with their demise in 1990.
Death to This World Compilation 2015
The two demos (second one never officially released) from '88 and '90.
Tracks 01 to 06 from Death to This World Demo 1988
Tracks 07 to 13 from Full of Hate Demo 1990
01. Intro
02. Schizophrenia
03. The Curse Of Darkness
04. Intro
05. Infernal Massacre
06. Unholy Enemy
07. Environment
08. Golgatha (Intro)
09. The Saviour
10. Insanity
11. Chaos (Intro)
12. Nuclear Mayhem
13. Pedophile
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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