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Venom (Essential Albums)

Cronos: Bass, Vocals
Mantas: Guitars
Abaddon: Drums
Originally began as a 5-piece called Guillotine with Clive Archer on vocals, Alan Winston on bass and Cronos on rhythm guitar. Archer and Mantas met at a Judas Priest concert in 1979 which led to Archer and Abaddon (both of the band Oberon) joining Guillotine.

Cronos switched to bass when Alan Winston left the band a week before a gig - his decision to plug his bass guitar into a guitar amp is credited with the development of his trademark “bulldozer bass” sound. The line-up was further trimmed down to a three-piece following the first demo session when the rest of the band decided they preferred Cronos' vocal style to Archer's.

Illness and passport problems prevented Jeff “Mantas” Dunn from joining the early part of Venom's At War With Satan US-tour. He was temporarily replaced by Dave Irwin and Les Cheetham.

There are no ever-present members in the Venom line-up. The only original member currently in the band is Cronos. The band briefly split after Calm Before the Storm (recorded without Mantas) before reforming without Cronos, and later split again after The Waste Lands.

The classic Cronos-Mantas-Abaddon line-up reformed for Cast in Stone, though Abaddon was later fired and replaced with Cronos' brother Antton for Resurrection. A serious back injury suffered by Cronos in a climbing accident in 2002 then put Venom on hold, and by the time he had recovered and was ready to continue, Mantas had moved on to other projects.

Similar to the Saxon situation, Mantas and Abaddon regrouped in 2015 under a slightly different name, Venom Inc, and started playing live.
Possessed 1985/2002
01. Powerdrive
02. Flytrap
03. Satanachist
04. Burn This Place To The Ground
05. Harmony Dies
06. Possessed
07. Hellchild
08. Moonshine
09. Wing And A Prayer
10. Suffer Not The Children
11. Voyeur
12. Mystique
13. Too Loud For The Crowd
14. Nightmare (12" Mix)
15. F.O.A.D. (12" B-Side)
16. Warhead (12" B-Side)
17. Possessed (Remix)
18. Witching Hour (Live)
19. Teachers Pet/Poison/Teachers Pet (Live)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
At War with Satan 1983/2002
01. At War with Satan
02. Rip Ride
03. Genocide
04. Cry Wolf
05. Stand Up (And Be Counted)
06. Women, Leather and Hell
07. Aaaaaaarrghh
08. At War with Satan (TV Adverts)
09. Warhead (12" Version)
10. Lady Lust (12" Version)
11. The Seven Gates of Hell (12" Version)
12. Manitou (12" Version)
13. Woman (12" Version)
14. Dead of Night (12" Version)
15. Manitou (Abbey Road Uncut Mix)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Black Metal 1982/2002
01. Black Metal
02. To Hell And Back
03. Buried Alive
04. Raise The Dead
05. Teachers Pet
06. Leave Me In Hell
07. Sacrifice
08. Heaven's On Fire
09. Countess Bathory
10. Don't Burn The Witch
11. At War With Satan (Preview)
12. Bursting Out (60 Min.+ Version)
13. Black Metal (Radio One Session)
14. Nightmare (Radio One Session)
15. Too Loud For The Crowd (Radio One Session)
16. Bloodlust (Radio One Session)
17. Die Hard (12" Version)
18. Acid Queen (12" Version)
19. Bursting Out (12" Version)
20. Hounds Of Hell (Outtake)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Welcome To Hell 1981/2002
01. Sons of Satan  
02. Welcome to Hell
03. Schizo 
04. Mayhem with Mercy
05. Poison 
06. Live like an Angel (Die like a Devil)
07. Witching Hour
08. One Thousand Days in Sodom
09. Angel Dust
10. In League with Satan
11. Red Light Fever
12. Angel Dust (Lead Weight Version)
13. In League With Satan (7" Version)
14. Live Like An Angel (7" Version)
15. Bloodlust (7" Version)
16. In Nomine Satanas (7" Version)
17. Angel Dust (Demo)
18. Raise the Dead (Demo)
19. Red Light Fever (Demo)
20. Welcome to Hell (Demo)
21. Bitch Witch (Outtake)
22. Snots Shit (Outtake)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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