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Tyranex Metalgrafia

Linnea Landstedt - Guitars & Vocals
Nino Vukovic - Guitars
Per Lindström - Bass
Johannes Lindström - Drums
After tour Poison Hell leave the band to follow with your bands and
TYRANEX is an energetic act from Sweden that sounds like the young
bands from 85’, like: Kreator, Destruction, Agent Steel and Megadeth.
Fronted and driven by female leadguitarist and singer Linnea Landstedt,
backed up with great musicians, Johannes Lindström, Per Lindström and
Nino Vukovic.
TYRANEX is real, oldschool, speed metal with attitude!
It all begun…
...at a "RAM"-concert in Sweden 2005 where the first sculptures of
TYRANEX took form.A complete line-up was put together in 2006 and 
TYRANEX could rehearse as a whole band.
2006-2010 TYRANEX released a few demos and practiced playing live alot!
2011 TYRANEX got their first record deal. They released their 
debut album “Extermination has begun” at Infernö Records (Fra) 
in 1000 CD copies.
In 2013 was the album released on Vinyl by Journeys end Records (Ger).
In January 2014 TYRANEX went into the studio to record their second
album "Unable to tame" was released the 10th of Ocotber 2014 at
Black Lodge records (cd and vinyl).
The same year TYRANEX was, for the first time, played on air with 
their new album and interview at swedish national radio.
Not much later they where nominated for swedish radio award P3 GULD (GOLD).
During the years TYRANEX has toured in Sweden, Finland, Germany, 
Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and France. They’ve played at big festivals 
like Metal Assault, Jalometalli, Steelfest and Taunus metal.
Unable To Tame 2014
01. Bloodlust And War
02. Unable To Tame
03. Chasing Death
04. Witches Gathering
05. Take The Torch
06. Invasion Of Evil
07. Victims
08. Into Darkness
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Extermination Has Begun 2011
01. The weak strike back
02. The curse
03. As the corss crumbles
04. Dreamland
05. None so cruel
06. Tormentor
07. Awakening the dead
08. Road to damnation
09. Extermination has begun
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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