jueves, 27 de agosto de 2015

Fuck Off Metalgrafia 2 (Actualization)

It's time to dust off the cellar, to clean and restore life to albums that marked a before and after in the history of this unfortunate country, in the case of FUCK OFF band leader in the history of our Thrash Metal, without doubt .

"Hell On Earth II (Revisited & Faster)" will be released through Xtreem Music on 1 March, in commemoration of its 25th anniversary since the original edition back in 1990, features 15 songs in total, where we will find the complete album "Hell On Earth" re-recorded the original album in 2014, 1-7 songs, one of which is the subject "Inquisition" but sung in English under the title of "Embraced by Religion" , with a modern sound and very correct 2 issues Demo "Invasion" , 2000, 2 long versions of two songs from the album recorded in 2013 and 4 versions of single urinals 1989.

At this point I only need to add that the presentation of the album with new cover included created by Greek artist Gerasimos Kolokas business is impressive, it includes a short biography of the band written by Pep own homes, where we have great detail the future of the band and situation in which the same rows with the departure of Joe charismatic vocalist at the time of found FUCK OFF , to enter doors to record this work in Birmingham. It holds up a bullet of a comic written and drawn by Pep himself.

"Hell On Earth" as the disk itself and has its own personality, certainly a landmark in our national bands, with proper evolution compared to its predecessor "Another Sacrifice" , where they have room laden riffs and powerful force, made ​​up of a cohesive, continuous fighting ordinariness of time, keep in mind that this work was written in 1989 and published a year later, where things were very different, and the facilities to transcribe and create music were purely artisan and rudimentary, nothing to do with the times and with the digital age, where everything is based on pushing buttons. Long live FUCK OFF !
Hell on Earth II (Revisited & Faster) 2015
Contains 7 re-recorded songs from the original album 
(one being the song 'Inquisición' sung in English under 
the title of 'Embraced by Religion') as well as 4 original 
single versions from 1989, 2 long versions of the album 
tracks recorded in 2013 and 2 songs from the 'Invasion' 
demo recorded in 2000.
01. Hell on Earth (2014)
02. Blasphemy (2014)
03. Whom You Have Never to Say His Name (2014)
04. Rider from Hell (2014)
05. Embraced by Religion (2014)
06. Witch, Hell Below the Belly (2014)
07. Midnight Confession (2014)
08. Torquemada (2000 Invasion - Demo)
09. Cyclone Pt. IV (2000 Invasion - Demo)
10. Hell on Earth (2013 Long Version)
11. Midnight Confession (2013 Long Version)
12. Embrion, Witch Below the Belly (1989 Single)
13. Inquisición (1989 Single)
14. Hell on Earth (1989 Single)
15. Midnight Confession (1989 Single)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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