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Atrophy Metalgrafia

Brian Zimmerman Vocals
Chris Lykins Guitars
Rick Skowron Guitars
James Gulotta Bass
Tim Kelly Drums
Atrophy didn't actually split up immediately after the release and
tour of "Violent By Nature". The band remained active until at 
least 1992, when they played one of their final shows at the 
Diana Vicari memorial benefit. Prior to the breakup, attempts 
were made to record a third album and to continue the band 
without Chris Lykins.
Rick Skowron, Tim Kelly, and James Gulotta resurrected Atrophy
with a new vocalist and did some reunion shows in their home 
state of Arizona in 1999. They have changed the name of the 
band to Head Circus and have been writing and recording material
that has been described by the band as "Still Heavy Metal 
and aggressive as always."
Chris Lykins (guitar) was student of Medicine at Yale Uni.
Violent By Nature 1990/2007
01. Puppies And Friends
02. Violent By Nature
03. In Their Eyes
04. Too Late To Change
05. Slipped Through The Cracks
06. Forgotten But Not Gone
07. Process Of Elimination
08. Right To Die
09. Things Change
10. Suicide Pact (Bonus Demo Track)
11. Product Of The Past (Bonus Demo Track)
12. Beer Bong (Bonus Demo Track)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Socialized Hate 1988/2007
01. Chemical Dependency
02. Killing Machine
03. Matter Of Attitude
04. Preacher,Preacher
05. Beer Bong
06. Socialized Hate
07. Best Defense
08. Product Of The Past
09. Rest In Pieces
10. Urban Decay
11. Chemical Dependency (Bonus Demo Track)
12. Rest In Pieces (Bonus Demo Track)
13. Preacher, Preacher (Bonus Demo Track)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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