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Sindrome Metalgrafia

Troy Dixler Vocals (1986-1993)
Shaun Glass Bass (1986-1993)
Tony Ochoa Drums (1986-1993)
Chris Mittleburn Guitars (1986-1988)
Rob Welsh Guitars (1989-1991)
Mick Vega Guitars (1989-1993)
Ken Savich Guitars (1991-1993)
Shortly after releasing their first demo, Into the Halls of Extermination,
in 1987, Sindrome supported Whiplash and later Death on their Ticket to
Mayhem and Scream Bloody Gore release tours respectively. In late 1988,
Chris Mittleburn decided to leave the band, and it took a while to replace
him. The spot was filled by guitarists Mick Vega and Rob Welsh, the latter
of whom soon left upon completing the recording of Vault of Inner
Conscience, and was subsequently replaced by Ken Savich, who relocated
to Chicago to jointhe band. However, the band never wrote or recorded
new material after Rob Welsh’s departure.
In 2016, Century Media Records released the compilation Resurrection: 
The Complete Collection, which included completely remastered versions 
of both demos, an unreleased track, "Brought to the End" from the Into 
the Halls of Extermination sessions, as well as live tracks recorded at 
Iron Rail on January 21, 1988, during the aforementioned Scream Bloody 
Gore tour, two tracks of which, "Surround the Prisoner" and "Psychic 
Warfare", were previously unreleased.
Resurrection - The Complete Collection DCD 2016
Introduction by Jon ‘Metalion’ Kristiansen (Slayer Mag),
detailed interview by Laurent Ramadier with Sindrome's
vocalist Troy Dixler, loads of old photos and artwork.
The entire material has been remastered from its original sources.
Tracks 01 – 05: “Into The Halls Of Extermination” (Demo 1987)
Track 06: bonus track from the “Into The Halls Of Extermination” recording session
Tracks 07 – 11: “Vault Of Inner Conscience” (Demo 1991)
Tracks 12 – 17: Live at The Iron Rail, Chicago, January 21st 1988
01. Into the Halls of Extermination 
02. Rapture In Blood 
03. Precognition 
04. Cathedral Of Ice 
05. Aortic Expulsion 
06. Brought To The End 
07. Descending Into Madness 
08. Extra Sensory Warning (E.S.W.) 
09. Astral Projection 
10. Against Infinity 
11. Exit Screaming 
12. Into the Halls of Extermination (Live) 
13. Brought To The End (Live) 
14. Rapture In Blood (Live) 
15. Surround The Prisoner (Live) 
16. Cathedral Of Ice (Live) 
17. Psychic Warfare (Live)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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