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Slogstorm Metalgrafia

Ørjan 'Dauing' Gamst Vocals (2003-2012)
Kim Bjørnar Andreassen Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing) (2003-present)
Gøran 'Blastbeat' Johansen Drums (2007-present)
David 'Mortug' Aronsen Bass (2005-2008), Guitars (2008-2014): Myr
Eivind Berre Guitars (2007), Bass (2008-2010): Nocturnal Breed
"The Northernmost Death Metal band in the world"... Formed Summer 2003 by Bytting and lyricist Dauing. Main composer Likfunn and Tage joined on guitar and bass respectively. This lineup announced (but apparently never released) a four-song demo with the hilarious title 'Panzernaust', supposed to contain the tracks "Kadaver i nota", "Kald natt med Draugen", "Tran av barn" and "Møljefest i hælvette". Tage switched to guitar after Blodhysa joined on bass in 2004. Flesk replaced Bytting the same year, and this line-up recorded the Svart hav demo, on the strength of which they were invited to the Inferno festival in 2005.

Mortug (who knew Likfunn from joint mid-90's black metal project Myr) replaced Blodhysa in January 2005. The new line-up proved stable enough to record the next two demos. In January 2007 Flesk returned to vocal duties for his former band Sorg and was replaced by Hordes/The Madness Within sticksman Gøran. At the same time, Eivind Berre (ex-Nocturnal Breed) joined on session guitar, temporarily replacing Tage while the latter recuperated from an arm injury. March 2007 also saw Slogstorm featured on the soundtrack to cult movie Kill Buljo, and both Gamst and Hykkerud star in the movie!

In October 2007 the band undertook recordings for their debut album. By late April 2008 work on the album was almost finished (bar vocals), at which time Tage decided to leave the band. Mortug switched back to his original instrument, guitar, and the band recruited live session bassist Andersen the same month. Andersen left in June, and the band enlisted former session guitarist Berre as their new bassist in July. Goroth re-recorded the guitar parts the same month. The album was uploaded to MySpace in August 2009, and is yet to be released in physical format.
Draugfødt 2009
1. Blodfrosne åra
2. Eim av død
3. Skjære hau
4. Daumanns hud
5. Lossing av lik
6. Lik kvota
7. Svart hav
8. Svovelkysten
9. Kald natt med Draugen
10. Lempa på havet
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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