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Cathedral (Essential Albums)

Lee Dorrian: Vocals (Ex-Napalm Death)
Adam Lehan: Electric & acoustic guitars
Gaz Jennings: Guitars
Mark Griffiths: Bass
Mike Smail: Drums
Mark Ramsay Wharton: Drums, Hammond *
Cathedral was formed by Lee Dorrian after leaving 
Napalm Death because he was getting sick of the 
punk scene and didn't like the death metal direction 
Napalm Death was heading towards. He met Mark Griffiths 
at a Carcass show in Cardiff, and they discussed their 
love for doom bands like Black Sabbath, Candlemass, 
Pentagram, Trouble and so on. 
The first line-up was Lee, Gaz and Mark Griffiths 
(both on guitars) and Andy Baker. Soon afterwards, 
Ben Mochrie replaced Andy on drums, and Gaz's replacement 
in Acid Reign, Adam Lehan, joined on guitars, thus 
Mark switched to bass. 
Their first European tour was supporting Saint Vitus. 
Joe Hasselvander and Victor Griffin of Pentagram filled 
in on drums and guitar on the band's 1994 tour with 
Black Sabbath, but neither were full-time members. 
Victor Griffin left halfway through this tour, leaving 
Gaz to play the remaining shows as the sole guitarist. 
Tony Iommi commented that they sounded better with just 
one guitar, so Cathedral continued from then on as a quartet. 
In February 2011, Dorrian announced that Cathedral would be 
splitting up permanently. The band eventually played their 
last shows in 2012, and released their final album 
"The Last Spire" in 2013.
Soul Sacrifice EP 1992 *
01. Soul Sacrifice
02. Autumn Twilight
03. Frozen Rapture
04. Golden Blood (Flooding)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Forest Of Equilibrium 1991
01. Picture Of Beauty & Innocence (Intro) / 
    Commiserating The Celebration
02. Ebony Tears
03. Serpent Eve
04. Soul Sacrifice
05. A Funeral Request
06. Equilibrium
07. Reaching Happiness, Touching Pain
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
In Memoriam Demo/MCD 1990/1994
01. Mourning Of A New Day
02. All Your Sins (Pentagram Cover)
03. Ebony Tears
04. March!
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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