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Destruction (Essential Albums)

Schmier Bass,Vocals
Mike Guitars
Tommy Sandmann Drums (1982-1986) *
Harry Wilkens Guitars (1987-1990) **
Oliver Kaiser Drums (1987-1999) **
Their original name was Knight of Demon, but that was changed 
after a few weeks. They went from an Iron Maiden-esque sound 
to one heavily influenced by Venom in a matter of weeks.
In the early 90's Flemming Rönsdorf (Artillery) was asked to 
join Destruction as new vocalist. He rehearsed with the band, 
but didn't join because, according to Ronsdorf himself, the 
label didn't want to send him money in advance before the 
upcoming tour.
The releases between 1994 and 1998 have been disowned by the band 
and are now classed as "Neo-Destruction" and not part of their 
official discography.
Mike Sifringer was unable to perform at Portugal’s Caos Emergente 
festival in September 2009 due to a broken finger. Ol Drake of 
Evile took his place onstage.
Oliver Kaiser works as editor in Basle and gives for many years 
lessons in Musiclab. After leaving Destruction in 1999 he studies 
sociology, law & on the music academy.
Release From Agony ** 1988
01. Beyond Eternity
02. Release From Agony
03. Dissatisfied Existence
04. Sign Of Fear
05. Unconscious Ruins
06. Incriminated
07. Our Oppression
08. Survive To Die
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Mad Butcher ** / Eternal Devastation * 1986/1987
01. Mad Butcher
02. The Damned
03. Reject Emotions
04. The Last Judgement 
05. Curse The Gods
06. Confound Games
07. Life Without Sense
08. United By Hatred
09. Ethernal Ban
10. Upcoming Devastation
11. Confused Mind
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Sentence of Death * / Infernal Overkill * 1984/1985
01. Intro / Total Disaster
02. Black Mass
03. Mad Butcher
04. Satan's Vengeance
05. Devil's Soldiers
06. Invincible Force
07. Death Trap
08. The Ritual
09. Tormentor
10. Bestial Invasion
11. Thrash Attack
12. Antichrist
13. Black Death
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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