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Kreator (Essential Albums)

Mille Petrozza Vocals, Guitars
Ventor Drums, Vocals
Rob Fioretti Bass
Wulf Guitars (1986) (R.I.P. 1993) *
Joerg Tritze Guitars (1986-1989) **
Frank Blackfire Guitars (1989-1996) ++
The band was called Tormentor in the old days (1982-1984). Both demos were released under that name. The first lineup was Mille, Rob, and Ventor. A few guitarists were tried before Jörg Tritze joined after the "Flag of Hate" EP. Michael Wulf was in the band for a few days, and didn't play on "Pleasure to Kill", despite his getting credit.
With Tritze the band started their first tour ever (before the release of Pleasure to Kill they had only played 5 gigs total). In 1989 German director Thomas Schadt made a documentary about Kreator (focusing on the social aspect of Heavy Metal in the Ruhr area) titled "Thrash Altenessen" (named after the band's hometown, a suburb of Essen). Tritze left Kreator after Extreme Aggression, which was (as was the follow-up Coma of Souls) recorded in Los Angeles with producer Randy Burns (Also Megadeth among others). Tritze was replaced by a former Sodom guitarist Frank "Blackfire" Gosdzik who would stay in the band until 1996.
After the release of Renewal (1992), founding member Rob decided to leave the band as he wanted to spend more time with his family. He was replaced by Andreas Herz, who never played on any official releases, as the band released nothing between 1992 and 1995. The reason was a long fight between the band and their label Noise Records because Kreator wanted to get out of their contract. This also contributed to Ventor's decision to leave Kreator, together with personal problems he had at the time.
When they finally signed a new deal with GUN in 1995, Herz had already been replaced by Christian Giesler. Also the band had a new drummer Joe Cangelosi, who was a friend of Frank Gosdzik. Cangelosi decided to leave after only one album, and Gosdzik also departed at this time. Ventor returned to the band to replace him and Frank Gosdzik was replaced with Tommy Vetterli (Coroner). When he left in 2001, Sami Yli-Sirniö was brought in. 
Coma Of Souls 1990 ++
01. When The Sun Burns Red
02. Coma Of Souls
03. People Of The Lie
04. World Beyond
05. Terror Zone
06. Agents Of Brutality
07. Material World Paranoia
08. Twisted Urges
09. Hidden Dictator
10. Mental Slavery
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Extreme Aggression 1989 **
01. Extreme Aggressions
02. No Reason To Exist
03. Love Us Or Hate Us
04. Stream Of Consciousness
05. Some Pain Will Last
06. Betrayer
07. Don't Trust
08. Bringer Of Torture
09. Fatal Energy
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Terrible Certainty / Out Of The Dark... Into The Light 1987/1988 **
01. Blind Faith
02. Storming With Menace
03. Terrible Certainty
04. As The World Burns
05. Toxic Trace
06. No Escape
07. One Of Us
08. Behind The Mirror
09. Impossible To Cure (Bonus Track)
10. Lambs To The Slaughter (Bonus Track)
11. Terrible Certainty (Live) (Bonus Track)
12. Riot Of Violence (Live) (Bonus Track)
13. Awakening Of The Gods (Live) (Bonus Track)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Pleasure To Kill */ Flag Of Hate EP 1986
01. Choir Of The Damned
02. Ripping Corpse
03. Death Is Your Saviour
04. Pleasure To Kill
05. Riot Of Violence
06. The Pestilence
07. Carrion
08. Command Of The Blade
09. Under The Guillotine
10. Flag Of Hate  (Bonus Track)
11. Take Their Lives (Bonus Track)
12. Awakening Of The Gods (Bonus Track)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Endless Pain / End Of The World 1985
01. Endless Pain
02. Total Death
03. Storm Of The Beast
04. Tormentor
05. Son Of Evil
06. Flag Of Hate
07. Cry War
08. Bonebreaker
09. Living In Fear
10. Dying Victims
11. Armies Of Hell (Bonus Track)
12. Tormentor (Bonus Track)
13. Cry War (Bonus Track)
14. Bonebreaker (Bonus Track)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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