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Arbach Metalgrafia

Emperor Diavolos Guitars, Vocals (2004-present)
Lord Maledictum Bass (2014-present)
Renam Drums
Horus Drums (2014-2015)
The Arbach horde was founded in 2004 in the city of 
Anapolis (GO) by Emperor Diavolos, which was intended 
to run a Black Metal influenced by european hordes, 
mainly from the Scandinavian region, preaching hatred 
and war against Christianity and other religions, 
alienation from the church and his followers, raising 
the banner of black metal. In early 2006 Lord Zorthan 
was invited to join the horde. In the same year began 
the process of composition of the first demo, which 
came to be recorded between the months of January and 
February 2007, with the title "The Warriors of Pagan 
Empire" containing 5 songs. In the year 2012, the 
horde has partnered with 8 stamps to perform the 
official launch of the demo. At the end of 2013 
Emperor Diavolos took over the vocals after the 
departure of Lord Zorthan.  Currently, being composed 
new songs for the first album with official release
date scheduled for 2015.
Left Hand Path 2015
01. Intro
02. Left Hand Path
03. Angel of Faith and Light
04. Thirty-Nine Lashes
05. I Am The Goatkiller
06. The Warriors of Pagan Empire
07. Lucifer's Reign
08. Steel and The Stone (The Book of Satan)
09. The Hammer of Heretics
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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