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Heathen Metalgrafia

Dave White/Godfrey Vocals (1985-present)
Lee Altus Guitars (1984-present)
Doug Piercy Guitars (1985-1991) * **
Mike Jazstremski Bass (1986-1988,2001-2004) (R.I.P. 2005) * +
Carl Sacco Drums (1984-1988) *
Darren Minter Drums (1988-2013) ** + ++
Ira Black Guitars (1991-2004) +
Marc Biedermann Bass (Sesions 1991) **
Jon Torres Bass (2004-2011)(R.I.P. 2013) ++
Kragen Lum Guitars (2007-present) ++
Heathen were formed in 1984 by guitarist Lee Altus and drummer Carl Sacco. Even without a bassist, this lineup played a single gig, on April 21st, 1985. Then, Jim Sanguinetti left to form Mordred and was replaced by Doug Pierce on guitars. Sam Kress, who was a better songwriter than vocalist, was kicked out in late 1985 and David Godfrey of Blind Illusion was asked to join. Bassist Eric Wong was added in early 1986, and the "new" Heathen's first gig was on February 6th.
They recorded the "Pray for Death" demo in April, 1986, and then Eric Wong was replaced by Mike "Yaz" Jastremski from Griffin in mid-1986. This lineup recorded the first album. Carl Sacco was replaced by Darren Minter on drums before the beginning of the US tour in 1988, sometime in January.
After the US tour, all Hell let loose, and David Godfrey left, to be replaced by none other than Paul Baloff (Exodus). They recorded a demo in October, 1988, and then Yaz left and the band broke up, before being reformed with Manny Bravo on bass and none other than David Wayne (Metal Church) on vocals. Wayne was in for only a few days before David Godfrey (now known as David White) returned. A demo was recorded in March 1989, and an album, "Fear of the Unknown", was planned for 1990 release. It was partly recorded, but then scrapped due to monetary problems. Most of the songs made it onto the 1991 Victims of Deception album, with the notable exception of "Nothing You Can See".
That album was recorded in 1991, with Blind Illusion bassist Marc Biedermann helping out but not being officially a member of the band. Randy Laire joined for the following tour. Randy was killed in a car accident in June, 1991, and Ira Black was quickly summoned to replace him for a planned tribute EP of cover songs, which was never released, as Doug Piercy left and Ira Black. After a brief interval with Jason Vie Brooks on bass and Thaen Rasmussen on guitar, Heathen broke up in 1992. (According to Dave White, this era of the band was "forgettable".)
Doug Piercy, Lee Altus and Darren Minter all moved to Germany. Doug began a career racing cars, while the other two joined the band Die Krupps.
Heathen reformed for one show, Thrash of the Titans, on August 11th, 2001, with the lineup of David White (no longer Godfrey), Lee Altus, Ira Black, Mike "Yaz" Jastremski, and Darren Minter. The reunion stuck, and the tribute EP was re-recorded and released as a full-length with several demos from the Victims of Deception sessions. The band has since decided to continue working on and releasing new material, as well as tour.
The David White/Godfrey story: David was born a White after his biological father, but used his stepfather's surname, Godfrey, in school for issues of convenience. Upon reaching adulthood, he began using the White name, but his bandmates convinced him to use Godfrey on the Breaking the Silence album so nobody thought Heathen had switched singers. On Victims of Deception he was listed as David Godfrey-White, and has since officially become David White in professional and personal life.
Terry Lauderdale filled in the vacancy left by Ira Black for Heathen as a favor on tour from 2005 to 2007.
The Evolution Of Chaos 2009 ++
01. Intro
02. Dying Season
03. Control By Chaos
04. No Stone Unturned
05. Arrows Of Agony
06. Fade Away
07. A Hero's Welcome
08. Undone
09. Bloodkult
10. Red Tears Of Disgrace
11. Silent Nothingness
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Recovered 2004 +
Tracks 6-9 are the Opiate the Masses demo remastered.
"Timeless Cell" was at that time called "Prophecies of Fear".
01. Death On Two Legs(Queen Cover)
02. The Holy War  (Thin Lizzy Cover)
03. In Memory Of...
04. Hellbound (Tygers of Pan Tang Cover)
05. Eye Of The Storm (Sweet Savage Cover)
06. Hypnotized
07. Opiate Of The Masses
08. Timeless Cell
09. Mercy Is No Virtue
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Victims Of Deception 1991/2006 **
01. Hypnotized
02. Opiate Of The Masses
03. Heathen's Song
04. Kill The King
05. Fear Of The Unknown
06. Prisoners Of Fate
07. Morbid Curiosity
08. Guitarmony
09. Mercy Is No Virtue
10. Timeless Cell Of Prophecy
11. Hellbound (Bonus Track)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Breaking The Silence 1987/2008 *
Reissued by Century Media Records in 1999 with bonus
tracks from the Pray for Death demo.
01. Death By Hanging
02. Goblin's Blade
03. Open The Grave
04. Pray For Death
05. Set Me Free (Sweet Cover)
06. Breaking The Silence
07. Worlds End
08. Save The Skull
09. Heathen (Bonus Track)
10. Pray For Death (Demo)
11. Goblin's Blade (Demo)
12. Open The Grave (Demo)
13. Heathen (Demo)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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