lunes, 2 de febrero de 2015

Warrant Metalgrafia

Jörg Juraschek     Vocals, Bass
Thomas Klein     Guitars
Oliver May     Guitars*
Lothar Wieners     Drums
Dirk Preylowski     Guitars **
Thomas Rosemann     Drums **
WARRANT is well known to all fans of German Speed Metal since
the early 80s. With “First strike” and their one and only album
“The enforcer” two classics exist.
Who won’t remember Songs like “Satan”, “The Enforcer”, “The Rack”
or “Nuns have no fun”? After the rerelease of their complete old
recordings on Pure Steel Records the band went into the studio again
and “Metal Bridge” is the result and first album since nearly 30 years.
Of course we don’t have the 80s anymore but WARRANT play Heavy
Metal with a lot of influences from that time, so you will have
the old WARRANT but also some hints of METALLICA or even some
light Thrash parts. The new recordings of “Ordeal of death” and
“The enforcer” are the connection between the beginnings and today.
Only vocalist and bassist Jörg Juraschek is left after all these
years, but his aim is to keep WARRANT where they had been: at the
top of German Speed and Heavy Metal!
Warrant 2014……. Metal Bridge….. New Wave Of All Heavy Metal.
Metal Bridge 2014 **
1. Intro
2. Asylum
3. Come And Get It
4. You Keep Me In Hell
5. Blood In The Sky
6. Face The Death
7. All The Kings Horses
8. Nyctophobia
9. Helium Head
10. Don't Get Mad Get Even
11. Eat Me Alive
12. Immortal
13. Ordeal Of Death (2014 Re-Recording)
14. The Enforcer (2014 Re-Recording)
15. Labyrinth Of The Lost (Instrumental)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
The Enforcer / First Strike EP 1985/2000
"The Enforcer" and the "First Strike EP" + 2 Bonus tracks
on one CD released by Noise Records in 2000.
 1 - 10 from "The Enforcer" LP (1985)
11 - 15 from "First Strike" EP (1985)*
16 - 17 originally from a planned second album in 1986.
Re-recorded for a demo in 1999 and first available on a
two-on-one CD reissue of "First Strike" and "The Enforcer".
Unlike the running order of this compilation the EP was
released earlier than the album, intended to be a teaser
and a test on audience and customer response to the band.
1. Intro  
2. The Rack
3. Ordeal of Death
4. Nuns Have No Fun
5. Send Ya' to Hell
6. The Enforcer
7. Betrayer
8. Die Young
9. Torture in the Tower
10. Cowards or Martyrs
11. Satan
12. Ready to Command
13. Condemned Forever
14. Scavenger's Daughter
15. Bang That Head
16. Flame of the Show
17. When the Sirens Call
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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