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Hypnosia Metalgrafia

Mikael Castervall "Cab" Guitars, Vocals (1995-2002)
Michael "Mike" Sjöstrand (R.I.P. 2004) Drums (1995-2002)
Johan Orre Guitars (1998-1999)
Hampus Klang Bass (1999), Guitars (lead) (1999-2002)
Lenny Blade Bass (2000-2002)
Växjö's Hypnosia was born in 1995 guitarist/vocalist Cab Castervall and drummer Mike Sjöstrand (who had played together earlier) in order to play thrash metal and issued a demo called Crushed Existence in 1996 and another called The Storms in 1997. Iron Fist Productions issued an EP for the band in 1999. It was entitled Violent Intensity. The band next signed with Hammerheart and had a full-length in 2000. The band called it a day in 2002 even though the band was playing more shows than ever. Carnage's Johnny Dordevic was in the band once and band's drummer Michael Sjöstrand passed away in 2004 because of skin cancer.
Horror Infernal Compilation 2012
Tracks 01-04: Crushed Existence Demo 1996.
Tracks 05-07: The Storms Demo 1997.
Tracks 08-13: Violent Intensity MLP 1999.
Tracks 14-16: are Bonus Tracks.
01. Crushed Existence
02. Threshold Of Decay
03. Undead
04. Paralyzed By Persecution
05. The Last Remains
06. Operation Clean Sweep
07. The Storms Of Dead Worlds
08. Funeral Cross
09. Haunting Death
10. Undead
11. Perpetual Dormancy
12. Mental Terror
13. The Storms
14. Outbreak Of Evil (Sodom Cover)
15. My Belief (Possessed Cover)
16. Haunting Death (Live)
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Extreme Hatred 2000
01. Extreme Hatred
02. Circle of the Flesh
03. The Last Remains
04. Operation Clean-Sweep
05. Comatose
06. Act of Lunacy
07. Gates of Cirith Ungol
08. Hang 'em High
09. Traumatic Suffering
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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