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Whiplash (Essential Albums)

Tony Portaro Guitars, Vocals
Tony Bono Bass (R.I.P. 2002)
Tony Scaglione Drums *
Joe Cangelosi Drums **
Tony Portaro, legendary guitarist of WHIPLASH since 1984, leads
a power-trio lineup ready to deliver thrash metal in old school style.
Portaro's unique vocals and thrashing riffs keep heads banging,
while his intricate, soaring leads inject metal into the air.
Bassist Dank DeLong, developed his bass style out of the 80's
Metal/Hardcore/Punk scene in New York. An undeniable presence
on stage, Dank's commanding backing vocals and bass trickery
create a monstrous show.
Charlie Zeleny performs a show within a show. Widely renowned
as a must-see performer, Sick Drummer Magazine named Charlie Z
to its hall of fame, and Blender Magazine has labeled him one
of metal's best drummers of all time.
Originally formed in New Jersey, USA in 1984, WHIPLASH began
as the 3 Tonys: Portaro on guitar and vocals, Tony Scaglione
on drums and Tony Bono (R.I.P. 2002) on bass. They were signed
by Roadrunner Records in 1985, recorded their debut album
"Power And Pain" and began touring.
WHIPLASH bringing old school thrash to a new generation of metal
Messages In Blood Compilation 1999 *
Tracks 1-4 are from the Thunderstruk demo, 1984.
Tracks 5-9 are from the Looking Death in the Face demo, 1985.
Tracks 10-15 are live tracks, recorded at Showplace,
Dover, New Jersey, August 16, 1985.
Track 16-19 are live tracks, recorded at CBGB's,
New York, November 27, 1985.
01. King with the Axe
02. Spit on Your Grave
03. Thrash 'til Death
04. Chained Up, Strapped Down
05. The Burning of Atlanta
06. Stirrin' the Cauldron
07. Respect the Dead
08. Last Man Alive
09. Spit on Your Grave  
10. Killing on Monroe Street
11. Eternal Eyes
12. Respect the Dead
13. Stirrin' the Cauldron
14. The Burning of Atlanta
15. Nailed to the Cross
16. War Monger
17. Message in Blood
18. Nailed to the Cross
19. Stagedive
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.
Power And Pain* + Ticket To Mayhem** 1985/1987/1998
Tracks 1-9: Power and Pain* (Full-length, 1985).
Tracks 10-19: Ticket to Mayhem** (Full-length, 1987).
.....Power and Pain 1985 *.....
01. Stage Dive
02. Red Bomb
03. Last Man Alive
04. Message In Blood
05. War Monger
06. Power Thrashing Death
07. Stirring The Cauldron
08. Spit On Your Grave
09. Nailed To The Cross
.....Ticket to Mayhem 1987 **.....
10. Perpetual Warfare
11. Walk The Plank
12. Last Nail In The Coffin
13. Drowning In Torment
14. Burning Of Atlanta
15. Eternal Eyes
16. Snake Pit
17. Spiral Of Violence
18. Respect The Dead
19. Perpetual Warfare
Calidad 320 Kbps CBR.

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